Paralegals and Legal Document Assistant Services

Prior to January 2000, Legal Document Assistants were referred to as “Independent Paralegals.” Attorney Alternative, in business in Southern California since 1994, is a licensed, bonded Divorce Parlegal and Divorce Legal Document Assistant helping you help yourself with expert legal document preparation.

Attorney Alternative provides you professional, affordable Legal Document Assistant services for divorce, bankruptcy, Living Trusts, Incorporation and many other legal services at rates considerably less than those charged by an attorney or law firm. More and more people today understand the economic and practical sense of using a paralegal service to assist them with DIVORCE and other legal document preparation previously undertaken only by attorneys.

    This firm is committed to satisfying your need for professional paralegal document preparation for almost any routine legal matter including:

    1. Divorce – complete and professional preparation of ALL divorce case documents, document filing, and, most importantly, expert drafting of your Marital Settlement Agreement

    2. Virtually all your Family Law document matters, including child support, custody, move-aways, District Attorney actions, property settlements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) for court-ordered division of pension and retirement accounts, modifications of custody, child visitation and support orders and more

    3. Creation of complete Revocable Living Trusts

    4. Wills, including your Living Will

    5. Powers of Attorney

    6 . Legal separation and annulment of marriage documents

    7 . Incorporations and setting up your tax-exempt 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation

    8 . Bankruptcy

    9 . Landlord-tenant / Unlawful Detainer

    10. Mechanic’s Liens and Orders to Pay

    11. Adoptions (Stepparent and Grandparent)

    12. All your legal document preparation needs where accuracy, promptness and professionalism are required.

You have a host of options if you wish to handle routine legal matters without a lawyer. Unfortunately, often times these consist of using a “document preparation” or “paralegal” service that only provides you “fill-in the blank” or “check-box” legal forms which are confusing and usually completely inadequate to meet your needs.

Or, you may get a “do-it-yourself” divorce guide, which will generally give you the basics of how to prepare the paperwork and file your own divorce, but gives you no guidance on any other aspect of the process, and leaves you to draft your own Marital Settlement Agreement.

The problem is, unless you have the experience and skill to do this right, the impact of a poorly drafted Agreement could be loss of support, custody and visitation problems, and many other unforeseen bad consequences.

Attorney Alternative solves these problems for you!

Our professional staff prepares your Divorce and other legal documents to meet your specific needs, in accordance with the applicable law. We employ attorney-drafted documents to meet your requirements. No “fill-in-the-blank, check box forms” are used, other than the required Judicial Council Forms. Attorney Alternative paralegals use material developed at an attorney’s law office by an attorney, and from Legal Procedure Manuals created for attorneys practicing the applicable area of law.

Attorney Alternative professionals competently and efficiently assist you in preparing practically any document required for most routine (and some not-so-routine) divorce and other legal matters. Your case is handled from start to finish by qualified, experienced paralegal professionals, and our paralegal services are guaranteed.

For more information on the specific areas where our Paralegal and Legal Document Assistant services can help you, please click on the button at top that best addresses your needs.

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