Professional, Affordable Legal Document Assistant Services Since 1994


Tom Hicks, JD
* Honors Graduate – Western State University College of Law
* Certified Mediator

Attorney Alternative’s experienced Legal Document Assistant staff has been committed to assisting you in preparing your legal documents quickly, precisely and professionally, at a fraction of the cost of an attorney since 1994.  Also since 1994, Attorney Alternative has been providing our clients with the highest level of Paralegal, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution services. We have devoted our practice to the settlement of your divorce or other dispute and the provision of professional paralegal services without the heartache and hassle of having to take disputes to the courts, with attorneys, judges, massive amounts of time spent, and outrageous expenses.

Prior to January 1, 2000 Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) were known as "Independant Paralegals" and although our title has changed, we still give you the same high level of legal document preparation expertise and service that we have for so many years as an Independent Paralegal Corporation. We are able to confidentially and successfully help you solve your dispute and prepare your legal documents while saving you a substantial amount of money as well! Whether it is a family matter such as mediating your divorce or the custody and visitation of your children after divorce, a landlord/tenant issue, a business or contract dispute, merchant/customer or other conflict, we provide a safe and caring environment where your problem can be solved. For more about Mediation and our services, hover over the "Services" tab at the top of the page.

Our President Thomas Hicks, JD, graduated Law School with Honors, and has personally and successfully prepared dozens of Nonprofit corporation applications, including all Federal and State tax exemption applications.

Mr. Hicks has presented his seminar entitled
“Why and Why Not to Start a Nonprofit”
to civic, community and nonprofit groups
and is a noted lecturer on the process of starting and running a Nonprofit.

As you can see from the menu options above, Attorney Alternative provides you a wide range of legal document preparation services, from Divorce and Bankruptcy to Wills and Living Trusts to incorporating your business Additionally, Attorney Alternative’s experienced professionals will assist you in setting up your Nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, a service which costs thousands if done by an attorney, but far less with us. For more information on any of our service please find your subject of interest in the menu above.

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